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 I was born in Bursa but I spent my childhood in Ankara, capital of Turkey. At home, I had multiple instruments to play as a child. I started learning how to play the guitar and the keyboard by myself. At age 10, I started taking drum lessons. However, my main passion was composing music.


 I started listening to music seriously when I was 8 years old. I had a cousin who was a metalhead -he was listening to HEAVY kind of metal, or maybe it was heavy for a 8 years old- and he also got me into metal. While I was searching for subgenres of metal and all kinds of music, I met with progressive music and fell in love with that genre immediately! Of course, over the years, I have expanded my music library and have tried to explore different sounds and genres.

 My debut album "Left Behind" had started to take its shape when my life begun. I've written a lot of songs since I was a kid, I was also very passionate about making my own music back then. By the time I was 19, I had a small collection of songs. In the meantime, I moved to İstanbul and started college. I've met many many great musicians at that time. We had and still have great time as a "gang". We played different genres in numerous bands together. After knowing each other well, I took the songs to one of the member of the "gang" -producer of the album, Seçkin Çalışkan- and we worked on them together. He contributed a lot to the album, took it to the next level. Another factor that increased the album's quality, without a doubt, was the musicians who contributed with their great ideas, solos, and fabulous playings.

 The songs in the album had been with me for a long time. I had tried to mature the songs as much as possible. In the end, I had to leave these songs behind. So, "Left Behind" is my thoughts, my feelings, my taste in music and art until this time. Most importantly, it is a piece of my heart. I hope this album can touch you.


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